Research and developing technology

A more economical and efficient mobile solution and internet communication.

Providing an effective solution

Web application development in a competitive international market and advances population in achieving cost effective decision.

To provide facilities and training

To industry related staff in value added knowledge in utilizing their highest self esteem towards a productive and healthy working environment.

Act as an ICT consultant

To provide best solution to organizations i.e. a corporate sectors, government agencies and private sectors.

Who we are

We fix computers & business servers.

Infinity Superb Sdn Bhd is a comprehensive information technology (IT) company that has been existing in this IT industry for many years. We provide one-stop IT solutions to various sectors which include manufacturing, retail, catering industry, education sectors, government sectors, etc. We keep innovating the latest information technology that aims to maximize clients’ benefits. We offer a wide range of customized IT solutions such as in-house & on-site support, IT consultancy, Networking Setup, Security Firewall, Software & Hardware Technical Support, etc. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

What inspires us

World without boundaries.

In achieving Vision 2020, we see Malaysians moving ahead in the path of information and communication technology(ICT).

What we offer

Our company focus.

Managed information technology(IT) services.

IT sales and services

IT consultancy

Database management

Networking solutions


Software and hardware technical support

What we do

Choose one that’s right for you.

Trading of hardware & software.
Personal computers
Computer peripherals
Computer accessories
Software applications

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